What is Karate

Karate is a martial art which developed first in Okinawa, later Japan, and is now popular throughout the world. Karate must not be regarded as simply a technique for fighting. Karate is a way of life, the purpose of which is to enable the fullest of one’s potential, developing the mind, the body, and spirit.

Goju Ryu

Goju Ryu is the oldest style of karate and one of the four major styles of karate in popular practice today. The founder of Goju Ryu, Master Chojun Miyagi (1888-1953) entrusted the teaching of Goju Ryu in mainland Japan to Grandmaster Gogen Yamaguchi (1909-1989). Grandmaster Yamaguchi founded the All Japan Karate-do Goju-Kai in 1950 and promoted Goju-Kai throughout the world.

The meaning of goju is derived from two contrasting terms – Go (meaning hard) and Ju (meaning soft). Goju incorporates hard and soft techniques, making it a unique and effective style of karate.

Seiwa Kai

Seiwa Kai was established by Shuseiki Shihan Shuji Tasaki, 9th dan Hanshi. He was the senior instructor in the Yamaguchi dojo in Tokyo during the 1960s. In 1971 he founded Seiwa Kai, which literally means “honest harmony organization”.

Seiwa Kai now operates in over 56 countries around the world.

Seiwa Kai Canada

Seiwa Kai Canada is lead by Daihyo Shihan Isao Yabunaka, 8th dan Hanshi. He was a direct student of Gogen Yamaguchi. In 1972, he founded the first North American branch of Seiwa Kai in Vancouver. Seiwa Kai Canada now has 9 member dojos across Canada and two in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Canadian Headquarters (Honbu) Dojo

The Dojo in Ingersoll was founded by Shihan Isao Yabunaka in 1989. It is dedicated to teaching and developing excellence in the art of Goju Ryu Karate, teaching students and instructors from across Canada.

The concentration, commitment and dedication required help build a strong, confident, and determined character with special emphasis on personal values such as honesty, respect, discipline and self-esteem. The challenge of training builds “Bushido Spirit”, a non-quitting spirit, a special kind of self-discipline that can be applied to every aspect of your life, whether at home, at school, or at work.

With Shihan Yabunaka as the Chief Instructor, Seiwa Kai Ingersoll is the headquarters dojo of all Seiwa Kai dojos in Canada. It is the only dojo in Ingersoll that is a member of Ontario Karate Federation – the official governing body of Karate in Ontario; Karate Canada; and the Japan Karate Federation (JKF) Goju Kai.